Longevity research

Longevity research is helping us understand the process of ageing and disease.
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Examples are, loss of insulin producing cells in diabetes. Dopamine producing neurons in Parkinsons. Cardiac cells in cardiomyopathy etc.

This strongly suggests a weakness in the process of cell renewal and implies that our bodies deteriorate as this loss of cells occurs.

We now know that our stem cells are our body's natural repair system. We need to understand that only the body itself can repair itself and all we can do is assist this natural body function by providing it with correct nutrition and above all helping it to maintain adequate supplies of its own stem cells.

This medical information leads us to a new and different approach to health care. See Stem cell enhancer

By understanding the role of stem cells from the bone marrow in replacing lost cells, this gives us a new approach to maintaining health. By doing this we can support the natural ability of the body to repair itself.

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This is not a drug discovery and doesn’t claim that in itself it will cure anything, however it provides the body with the facility to carry out its own repair.

This sure is anti aging. I shall be 90 next year and apart from small amount of thyroid support don’t now need to use drugs and am now doing fine.

I am staggered by the results you get when you give the body the things it needs to repair itself.

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