Disadvantages of stem cell research.

                How to reduce aging .

The author. Eddie Mace, Recent photo, aged 91.



Multi millions of dollars has been spent on embryonic stem cells which has achieved nothing to reduce the effects of aging. We now need to put attention on ADULT STEM CELLS.

There have been  many problems with stem cell research and there have been many religious controversies due to the use of  EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS. Big changes are now occurring as attention is now being directed to adult stem cells.

These adult cells are now producing some amazing stem cell miracles and they can reduce the effects of aging. Since attention has now shifted to adult stem cells this area of research has now blossomed.

It is vitally important to differentiate between Embryonic and  ADULT STEM CELLS.

Vatican and stem cells.

Vatican conference.

See STEM CELL TREATMENT. ( Watch the short video)

The Vatican is now supporting ADULT STEM CELL research and further down in this article you will see a major report regarding increasing our life span and longevity.

In the past the advantages of stem cell research was heavily discouraged in religious circles, however, this has now changed as investigations with adult stem cells is in fact now being encouraged.


The disadvantages of stem cell research refers only to research with embryonic stem cells. We can now forget about any disadvantages of stem cell research.

By using these adult stem cells I don't beleive their are any valid reason or disadvantages for using research into stem cells . There has not been any disputes or any disagreements that I am aware of regarding research with these adult stem cells. In fact we are now seeing some great  health care discoveries occurring.

This is very important because these cells can reduce the effects aging.

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This new knowledge, particularly how it reduces the effects of aging is paying huge dividends in terms of health and lifespan.

It is interesting that research on embryonic stem cells is now rapidly falling off and work with adult stem cells is now increasing. A resent report indicates that over 4000 investigations are now being researched into adult stem cells across the world.

Member American Congress

According to an American Member of Congress, after over 10 years of research they still haven't achieved any success using embryonic stem sells; however he states adult stem cell research is now making great progress.

Provision of research funds for stem cell research never ceases to amaze me. We now have high hopes for major medical discoveries.
However, up to date what we do see is the deterioration of societies general health, such as the massive increase in things like diabetes, blood pressure problems, heart disease and increasing obesity with all its side effects. We now know that one in six people are suffering from diabetes and the number is rapidly increasing.


The side effects due to obesity are becoming a huge problem and this adversely effects our aging problems.

This also creates a huge strain on our health care systems and it is great to see there is now a lot more interest in weight loss ideas. Reducing weight will definitely reduce the effects of aging.

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100 years ago diabetes was almost unheard of, now a very large proportion of our population is resorting to medication to try and control this problem. Our sugar consumption is getting out of control and this is major source of excess weight.

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Luckily, from a small beginning, we are now seeing some great progress using ADULT STEM CELLS to reduce aging problems. 

A scientist, Christian Drapeau, has now discovered a natural product which improves the availability of our own adult stem cells and this enables the body to to carry out it own repairs to reduce aging problems.

This natural product has been extremely successful, so much so, that it has been patented and is now available in several different countries.

Christian Drapeau. MSc.

This is the scientist who made this important discovery.

This discovery has made it possible for our own stem cells to become more available to deal with our health problems and at a very minimal cost.

We now know that adult stem cells are the body’s method of repairing itself when ever health problems occur.

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This is a real anti aging supplement; I am now 92 and can verify its effectiveness as I am fit and enjoying life. 

I hope you now better understand why the disadvantages of stem cell research refers only to embryonic stem cells.

Great progress is now being made with adult stem cells.

Yes, I am a distributor of this stem cell breakthrough product and am very proud of it.

Using adult stem cells, I don't see any reason to discourage the idea  of stem cell research. Particularly when I see the health improvements people are now achieving using this product.

Here you will find several reports about the success being achieved using this great product.

Leave Disadvantages of stem cell research and See success stories.

I hope you found reading this page on the disadvantages of stem cell research interesting and I wish you great success in reducing the effects of your aging.

To your ongoing good health.

    Eddie Mace