Stem Cell Miracles
Your lifespan can be increased.

Are you wondering, "what are stem cells, and  what is their role in our body?" This site was developed to give you a simple and better understanding of these cells, and the important part they play to protect our health. 

The terminology and words used in the medical world can be very overwhelming. However here is a simple explanation to learn about the function of these stem cells.  What they do and how the evolution of their research has since 1981 changed the outlook for our future healthcare.

adult stem cell

A good mental picture is to think of these cells as your dedicated friends to assist you overcome any healthcare problems. They have multiplied and helped to assist you throughout your life. These cells develop 3 to 4 days after conception then begin multiplying immediately to start the construction of a new body. There are two different stem cells that scientist have focused on: embryonic and adult cells. This site's main focus will be on these adult cells . At 92 years of age, my goal is to help you learn about the different ways these cells can give you the chance to live a longer and happier life.

There will be many different topics for you to read. I will give you the history and how research has changed and grown over the years. Of course there aren't too many subjects today that don't arouse controversy. Most of the ethical aspects are about embryonic stem cells and the harming of a fetus or infant. There will be information for you on the both sides of this, positive and negative. Below is more information for you on these pros and cons.

organ repair

The good news is there are no ethical issues from using these adult cells. They can be so easily obtained without the need to sacrifice embryos. Adult cells have proven to play a significant, if not major role in the body’s healing process. They do not have the same risks of uncontrollable growth as embryonic cells. Adult cells are now being increasingly being focused on, as researchers uncover the role these important building blocks play in our welfare and health.

Not only are these cells being used by our bodies to repair our everyday difficulties they are also being applied for medical transplants. I will walk you through some medical difficulties and the processes to deal with them. Learn how donors are chosen, and what is the best course of action for cell transplants.

danger of drug side effects

Everywhere you look today, you see advertisements and promotions of anti aging creams and supplements. We will talk about the anti aging craze, and the different options you have. When it comes to research, you will see the cost and the different legislation that has passed. Together, we will get new insights and up to date information on many aspects of these stem cells.

modern stem cell research

This research is going to lead the way to better healthcare! Because, while medical drugs have been necessary at times, they unfortunately can also create major problems: "The Notorious and Dangerous Side Effects of Drugs Have Become the Fourth Main Cause of Death" (Journal of the American Medical Association, April 15, 1998) (This has unfortunately not changed in the past fifteen years.)

Luckily, we now have a new successful approach to our future health care. The history of these cells discoveries shows that progress has been unbelievably swift, and we now have treatments that can increase the body’s natural ability to remain fit.

physically fit woman

This is definitely an exciting topic for any people that are showing signs of aging. I can assure you, your body is dedicated to remaining fit. Now you can more easily help it to stay healthy by feeding it with good healthy nutritious foods and thereby reducing the effects of aging.

This is the future of medical research and it provides great potential for our future health. These cells are critical to renew, rejuvenate and repair our bodies, and they are now finally being recognized for the vital part they play in maintaining our health. On this site you will find a wealth of information about this stemcell discovery and also about the nutrition which promises to provide a new future for improving our health. This technology can increase our life span! I look forward to getting to know you, and helping you learn and understand about these stem cell miracles.

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