These videos provide information on ADULT STEM CELL NUTRITION.

Here is some important information.

This video is about ADULT STEM CELLS however it is important to provide information regarding the past research on embryonic stem cells.


Vast amounts of money has been spent on EMBRYONIC STEM CELL research during the last few years.

To date about a TRILLION dollars has been spent world wide researching these embryonic cells in the hope of finding a health care breakthrough.

This research on embryonic cells has not produced the anticipated high expectations and has been an unfortunate failure.

It has not produced any benefits for our better health.

Attempts to use embryonic cells has failed in spite of the huge sums of money being spent on what once promised us health care miracles.

However there are now huge improvements using adult stem cells.

ADULT STEM CELLS success is now making great progress and this is proving to be ANTI-AGING and reduces the adverse effects of our aging.

The following illustrates a major breakthrough which enables us to benefit from the use of our own adult stem cells.

This does not require taking drugs but suggests the use of a natural product which is not overly expensive.

This is now producing some amazing results and importantly AT VERY LITTLE COST.

Here you can find this very important informative which takes about 6 minutes to watch and which if you are interested in extending your life span I highly recommend you watch.

1. Stem Enhance - AFA Extract

This is interesting information on the discovery of this amazing product and is very interesting.

Watching it is highly recommended.

I believe it will provide answers to many questions you may have.

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This is a great stem cell breakthrough product and is now having very considerable success in assisting people to use their own stem cells to improve their health.

The author. Eddie Mace, recent photo aged 92.