The author,Recent photo 91 years old.

Lifespan becomes a more interesting subject as we get older.

It’s pity we didn’t take more care of our bodies when we were younger, but that’s the way we were.

When we were younger we never gave longevity a thought as we thought were going to live forever and never gave the future a thought!

I am 91 now and I think I now know a little about this subject.

Luckily for us, great progress is now being achieved with repairing our bodies from some of our failures to adequately care for ourselves in the past when we were busy enjoying ourselves.

The greatest success for me has come from the work of a scientist who has been investigating and working to understand the subject of our stem cells.

This information has definitely helped me increase my longevity and I can still now enjoy a happy and positive life style.

His name is Christian Drapeau, MSc and is seen below.

He has after many years of research produced a natural aquatic based product which has now been proven to increase our body’s production of stem cells by up to 25%.

His research has enabled the production of a product which is now patented and is already achieving great success.

I am now free from arthritis and fully mobile.

Whereas I was dependent on various medications and drugs, I am now drug free and in much better health.

The Australian state where I live, because of my age, requires that I have a comprehensive medical and then re sit for my driver’s license.

I have now just passed this 100% thanks to the benefits I have achieved using this great product.

As I now have a great quality of life, I therefore am delighted to be able to extend my life span and enjoy a few more happy years. (May be I shall even make it to 100!)---Especially with the help of this great product.

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There is now a great deal of interest on the subject of stem cells, particularly since success is now being achieved with adult stem cells.

In the past, practically all research with stem cells was directed to embryonic stem cells which caused a great deal of controversy, however that has now changed.

This article regarding the Vatican is very interesting.

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I believe using stem cells is going to have a big impact on the future of health care and could reduce our current dependance on medical drugs.

To your future health.

Eddie Mace.