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The author. Eddie Mace, recent photo aged 91.

Health news is now dominated by stem cells research information.

You can’t open a health magazine or even the local paper without stem cells being mentioned somewhere therein.

Stem cells are the way of our future health care, however there has been a lot of disagreements in the past and it has not been that simple.

There has been a lot of health news controversy going on over embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells research.

In the past embryonic stem cells have dominated this area and countless millions of dollars was spent on this research.

Now however, adult stem cells have taken over and great progress is now being made.

The latest figures I have, indicate that there are 4300 research programs  proceeding with adult cells whereas there are only 26 with embryonic cells.

The Catholic Church and even the Pope have have been involved as a result of this controversy and are now supporting adult cell technology.

Vatican conference.

I guess this controversy has its merits as it has drawn attention more into the open and gets a lot more people involved with this vitally important subject.

I believe stem cells are going to have a major impact on our future health.

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One of the things I am pleased with is, this is going to shift our dependence away from drugs.

Whereas drugs have their uses, they don't cure anything and we have become too dependent on them.

They unfortunately I am sorry to say, do not cure anything, they can however help hide the underlying problem which is really causing the difficulty in the first place.

By masking the symptoms we seldom arrive at locating and dealing with the real underlying problem.

With the use of this new approach we shall be addressing the source of our problems and not just hiding the symptoms as we are currently doing with drugs.

Our bodies have an innate ability to repair themselves given half an opportunity and it seems from all the literature I have been reading stem cell technology is going to at last provide us with a great opportunity to achieve improved health.

As stated earlier there has been a great deal of controversy surrounding  stem cells.

However there has been great news with a product called a STEM CELL ENHANCER which supports OUR OWN CELLS and allows our bodies to effectively carry out their own repairs as nature originally intended.

Luckily we no longer have to wait for the problems with embryonic stem cell research to be resolved.

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A great deal of success is now being achieved with this anti aging health news and here is a success story from one 60 years old happy lady.


Success story report after 1 month on the stem cell product.

Within a few days David’s psoriasis was all but gone! This in itself was a great success story.

For many years we had spent a fortune on lotions and potions, all to no avail.

We have both had an astonishing lift in our energy levels.

Due to his damaged spinal cord, Graham has cynaesthesia, which causes him to spend a major part of his day lying on his bed in enormous pain.

He has to remain at a constant temperature, any change and his pain spikes up and becomes difficult to bear.

Well he is now leaving his room, sitting out in the courtyard and also going for walks, but the amazing thing is that for the first time in decades had pain free periods.

He had actually forgotten what that felt like to be pain free.

NOW FOR ME. Hip pain GONE, knee pain GONE, skin improved, but the most astonishing thing of all, that due to a thyroid problem, I had lost a lot of hair, IT’S COMING BACK!!! I can’t believe it.

This for me has been is a great success story. We discover new things every day, wonderful stuff.


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