Longevity lifestyle.

Factors you need to consider if you want to adopt a longevity lifestyle.

I know advice is cheap, you can get it anywhere, often without asking for it. In fact, advise must be one of the cheapest things in the world as you can get it anywhere from all sorts of persons..

However, good advice is another matter and I hope the following comes into that category.

AS an 89 year old man who is good health, who takes no drugs not even for blood pressure,(mine averages 130/70). I think maybe I am qualified to offer some good health care advice.

Obviously you need to follow a good diet, avoiding prepared and mass produced foods, however there is also a few not so obvious things you need to know.

Limit your sugar consumption where ever possible, also avoid fructose laden foods and I am not talking about fruit. Our modern diet is laden with them. Get on the net and find out about them. They are bad news!.

Completely avoid trans fats. These have become widespread in our food but luckily they are now being banned or heavily restricted in some countries.

It is easy to list the “must nots or avoids” but the following is something you should do. Log onto the following site.

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There you will find information about an amazing stem cell product which I am personally using and which is improving my quality of life in many surprising ways. Believe it or not, I am even getting colour back in my hair!.

This in itself is not so important but indicates that my body must now be in even better shape.