About Me

Here is a little bit of information about me.

This is a recent photo; my name is Eddie Mace and I am now well past my 92nd birthday so I have a long story to tell.

Don’t worry I shall keep it short!

In these pages about STEM CELLS I hope to provide valuable information which will help you to also achieve a happy old age and still be able to enjoy yourselves with minimal health problems.

My earlier years.

To  understand more about me: In my early years I joined the Australian air force and during the war in 1940 I spent several years on flying duties; later being discharged just near the end of the war due to my declining fitness.

My background was as an electronic engineer where I was largely employed with the government Civil Aviation Authority.  I was there In charge of a large International Airport electronics system.

Having turned 65 almost 30 years ago, I then started to take an interest health matters because my health was unfortunately still deteriorating.

I am happy to say I am now fit and well largely due to of my interest and research into health problems.

Vitamins and minerals.

 I started looking at vitamins and minerals but realised that while these were important they were only a small part of achieving good health. This heavily depends on the body’s ability to effectively utilize them.

I have noticed how the nutrition industry has now moved very much into the bioavailability of vitamins and minerals which I believe is crucial for them to be of any real health care value.

We are also now seeing supplementation now focusing on stem cells and telomeres that represent a totally new approach to repairing and healing the body. This interest in stem cells is now producing some very interesting results as more information is being discovered daily and I strongly suggest you keep yourself abreast of this rapidly developing technology..

I am happy to say today my blood pressure averages 125/70, no cholesterol problems and today I live a life free from the type of problems people my age normally encounter.

Despite my age, my biggest problem is hearing loss due to my aircrew duties during the war, as those piston engines sure made a lot of noise and there was no sound proofing so we heavily depended on note pads for communication. These not pads were attached to our flying suits.

Stem cells.

Unfortunately this subject regarding stem cells can become highly technical and easily confusing which I have tried very hard to avoid.

All the information on this stem cell site has been kept simple with few if any technical terms.

One of the lessons I have learnt is: KISS! ---KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID.

My aim has been to enlighten and not to obscure with unnecessary technical terms.

Keep abreast of this great new technology.

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To your long happy and continuing life span.

Eddie Mace.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.