Longevity bonus.

How do you achieve a longevity bonus?

In order to achieve most bonuses you know what you need to do, to earn a bonus.

Since the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine has now handed out more than $1 billion in research funding to embryonic stem cells research, you would think there would be some resulting life extension bonus to promulgate.

In fact there has been no real success, no reports such as diabetics throwing away their needles or alzheimers patients starting to recover.

They haven’t even been able to set up a trial with embryonic stem cells in a human body as yet.

That’s the bad news, however I always like good news, such as the great success now being achieved with adult stem cells.

There is a distinct difference here, see this page for an explanation

Great work is being done by a leading research scientist which I am sure is going to have a pronounced affect on our longevity.

I am 89 years old and and I can assure you it has on mine already!.

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