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Stem cell history doesn’t have a long story.

The discovery and importance of these cells is a recent discovery, its history goes a little earlier than what is covered here, the real recognition of the nature of stem cells did not occur until 1981.

Gael. R. Martin from the University of California has been reported to have coined the term “STEM CELLS” after her work with these cells. However there is considerable doubt that she originated the term which is now in common use..

She showed embryos could be cultured and that stem cells could be obtained from these embryos.

Later, James Thompson of the University of Wisconsin-Madison made an important discovery enabling the growth of these embryonic stem cells in a laboratory culture.

Since then enormous strides have been made and massive sums of money has been spent investigating these embryonic stem cells. Unfortunately no progress to improver our health of any consequence has so far been made using embryonic cells.
This has been a great disappointment as all attempts to use these embryonic stem cells has presented enormous difficulties; these cells have a mind of their own. They very easily become cancerous and resist being controlled or manipulated in any way which has caused enormous problems and difficulties for any attempts to utilise them.

However, we now have great news!

More recently attention has now been transferred to ADULT STEM CELLS where a great deal more understanding of stem cells is now occuring.

It was recently stated by an American Government Senator that a number of people had already achieved success on a number of physical disabilities by using these adult stem cells.

Unfortunately the cost of some of the procedures currently being iused are somewhat costly and unfortunately will be beyond the reach of the average person.

However, another adult stem cells discovery has been made which is already achieving great success. This is simpler and luckily very much cheaper.

This discovery will be well within the financial reach of most people.

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