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( How to reduce the effects of aging)

The author, Eddie Mace, recent picture aged 91.

This is a simple stem cell blog to quickly brings you up to date with what is currently happening with stem cell research.

There is a vast amount of information now available about what is happening with stem cells.

A lot of this can be confusing as it is written in technical terms therefore difficult to understand. 

Although this can be a complex subject I hope to keep it simple.

Understanding this can help you reduce the effects of aging.

This page is obviously not written for the professional and I hope to minimise any technical terms and to keep it easy to understand.

First, there are two basic types of stem cells you need to know about, all the rest are specialised forms of these basic cells.


The first thing is to explain is what is known as an EMBRYONIC STEM CELL.

There seems to be an agreement that embryonic stem cells exist in the body up until birth.

The more scientific and correct fact is that stem cells only remain as embryonic cells for about 4 to5 days after conception, after which they are really no any longer embryonic stem cells.

This is because as the pregnancy continues these cells now start to take on specific bodily functions.

Embryonic stem cells have until quite recently absorbed the bulk of research money into stem cells.

These embryonic cells required the destruction of a few hours old fetuses and caused a considerable amount of disagreement particularly from religious sources.

As a matter of interest, attempts to use these embryonic cells for therapeutic purposes has been a failure due to these cells easily becoming cancerous and therefore unsafe to use.

I hope this clears up in simple language what are embryonic stem cells as this is intended to be a very simple explanation.


Now we reach the important subject of ADULT STEM CELLS.

These adult stem cells can help reduce the effects of aging.

The fact here is, adult stem cells are capable of becoming specialised cells to perform specific functions in the body, for example, a liver cell.

Latest research shows adult cells can take on and assume a tremendous number of differant roles in the body.

The important thing is these stem cells can reduce the effects of aging as they appear to be somehow programmed to help maintain specific bodily functions.

Adult stem cells major functions are to increase the body’s ability to repair and maintain itself in good working order.

Simple answer.

This is intended to be a short simple answer for a stem cell blog and I hope it has helped.

Understanding stem cells is becoming tremendously  important for our future health care system and great progress is now steadily progressing.

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Eddie Mace.