Stem cell treatment.
            (How to reduce the effects of aging.)

The author. Eddie Mace, aged 91.


Here is an interesting video which only takes a few minutes to watch.

Vatican Conference supports adult stem cell research.

There is generally an increased awareness of our health as we get older and many people become interested in increasing their life span.

This was a subject that did not attract much attention however that has changed.

Stem cells research.

Stem cells research is now generating a lot of interest as it now offers a great opportunity to improve our health and longevity.

There have been many bad reports about stem cells, this however has been about embryonic stem cells. Using these cells required the destruction of a newly formed embryo and many people believed this was destroying a newly formed human being.

Read on; this site may help you understand this.

Adult stem cell information regarding anti-aging supplements is now attracting a lot of attention.

See Anti aging supplements.

Hardly a week goes by without articles on stem cells appearing in a magazine or in a TV news item; some good, some bad!

There is a lot of interesting material now being published about stem cells, particularly information about adult stem cells.

This information which is now becoming available on stem cells will have a huge affect our future health; this new developing technology will be the key to improving our ongoing health.

Many people are now having great success using a new health care breakthrough and the great thing is it is not expensive.

This means that we now have a very effective and successful health technology available at an affordable price.

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A health research organisation has made a big discovery and has patented a natural product which is having huge success.

This stem cell discovery is well worth investigating as other stem cell treatments have been very expensive and generally outside the financial means of most people.

Here is an example of the effectiveness of this stem cell treatment, many similar reports I now have and are in my records.


Up and until 14 April 2010, I was suffering badly with severe arthritis in my right knee (bone on bone diagnosis) I had to use a crutch & hobbled badly with a slouch because of the pain I was enduring with my right knee/hip.

My brief History:-

My doctor had booked me in to the Sunninghill clinic on the 3rd May 2010 for total knee replacement.

I have for the past 15 years been suffering from arthritis in all my joints/hands/hip/knees which had been passed down onto me through my mother & grandmother.

I was living daily on Cortisone, S7 pain tablets & anti-inflamatories.

It has been recommended by 3 Top Orthopedic Surgeons that I undergo Total Knee Replacement Surgery!!!!

My sister bought me a birthday gift of Stem products on 15 April that totally turned my life around in a matter of 3 weeks only!!!

I now can walk without crutches and have regained complete use of both my legs again by using this product. Plus I've saved a fortune on not having to take so many tablets to alleviate the pain.
My medical aid is not suffering either anymore and In my opinion It’s a "Win Win" scenario.!!!

This product has Literally Given Me My Life Back :-)

As a single parent of 3 Daughters this change in my health has enabled me to enjoy all the small things in life with my girls again.

This of course is "PRICELESS"!!!!

Blessings Always,


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There you will find a great deal of information on this subject.

I can assure you this is a great technology that is well worth your time investigating.

Adult stem cell remedial intervention has resulted in some great improvements from all sorts of illnesses including leukemia, auto immune diseases including diabetes, lupus, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, the list goes on and on.

Your body is dedicated to its ongoing wellness!

When you give your body the necessary tools with stem cell treatment, what it can achieve is truly amazing.

This product does not cure anything, it simply assists the body to effectively cure itself.

I am astonished at what I now see happening using this great stem cell therapy.

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I can then provide more information on this amazing product about Adult Stem Cells.

I am now 92 years of age, living a full and healthy life thanks largely to this great stem cell discovery.

If I can, so can you, come join me and let your own body improve its health with this new amazing technology.

Eddie Mace

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.