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Embryonic stem cells.

There is an enormous amount of money being spent on stem cell research, particularly on embryonic stem cells.
Whilst the research using embryonic cells has dominated and controlled a huge amount of funds over the last ten years or more, to date not one application has yet been discovered to improve our life span.

Using embryonic stem cells is receiving a lot of adverse criticism because it involves the use of a few days old human embryos.

As a result there is understandably a lot of disagreement about using these cells and even the Catholic Church is protesting on religious grounds.

Adult stem cells.

More recently however, new information has seen a lot of attention now being paid to adult stem cells.

Work with these cells had fallen into disrepute because of the difficulties which were encountered when trying to use these embryonic cells.

Now however by working with these adult stem cells, great progress is now being made using new information.

There seems to be a lot of interest developing as a result of  this important new information.

New approach.

A new approach is now attracting a lot of attention and this has come about as the result of the dedicated effort of a Canadian scientist Christian Drapeau. MSc.

Christian Drapeau, MSc.

He has made a big breakthrough by isolating some important constituents from a natural aquatic plant.
These discoveries have now been identified and formulated into a product which has been scientifically proven to increase the availability of our own adult stem cells by up to 25%.

This discovery is so important it has now been patented world wide.

Important breakthrough.

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A tremendous amount of new information is becoming available on this subject and this offers us a great possibility to improve our health.

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Stem cell therapy is the way of the future and I hope this will see a decline in the use of medical drugs because drugs all produce side effects.

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