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Research with adult stem cells is now making great progress whereas in spite of the huge sums of money spent on embryonic stem cells they have failed to produce any successful health care support.

Earlier attempts to use adult stem cells for therapeutic purposes failed because researchers were trying to use the same procedures that were being adopted with embryonic stem cells which was unfortunately a failure.

More recently a new approach to using adult stem cells has resulted in tremendous progress.

Recognition of stem cells is a recent discovery which occurred just before the turn of the century in 1998 and there has been an enormous amounts of money invested into research into this stem cell information.

Recently I saw that over 4000 research projects were being carried out worldwide into stem cell research.

The vast majority of these research projects are investigating adult stem cells where considerable success is now starting to produce results.

It is now being recognised from these research projects the vast amount of dependence which our body places on adult stem cell information to support our day to day health.

Provided we can maintain the availability of these cells our body it can keep itself in good health.

This works well up to about 25 years of age, after which the availability of these essential stem cells begins to decline and our health slowly but surely loses its ability to keep us fit and well.

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If we can maintain an adequate supply of stem cells in our blood stream it will have a very pronounced effect on our health.

There has been a major discovery by a Canadian chemist Christian Drapeau MSc, seen here, who has after many years of research isolated a natural product from a lake in North America.

This can increase the stem cells circulating in the blood stream by a very significant amount.

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