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The author, Eddie Mace, Recent photo, aged 92.

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A great deal of attention has been put on EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS hoping they will provide answers to health problems and provide an answer to  aging.

There is now a lot of attention on stem cells.


We are talking about 2 entirely different subjects.

Here is an interesting quote from Dr. James C. Dobson, concerning embryonic stem cells.

"Are you aware that not one human being anywhere in the world is being treated with embryonic stem cells?

There is not one clinical trial going on anywhere in the world because these embryonic stem cells in laboratory animals create tumors.

Nobody will use them!!!" End of quote.

However great progress is now happening and adult stem cell miracles are now happening using these ADULT STEM CELLS.

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Adult stem cells.

Anti aging is now attracting an great deal of interest and is progressing rapidly using these adult stem cells.

The work of a Canadian Scientist Cristian Drapeau MSc, offers great anti aging results.

Christian Drapeau. MSc

Using a natural product he has now scientifically proven to be able to increase the stem cells in our blood stream by to up to 25%.

This has resulted in a product that has been proven to increase the adult stem cells circulating in our blood stream by a significant amount.

We now know that these stem cells are the body’s own maintenance and built in repair system.

This therefor can enable our body to carry out its natural functions by maintaining its own body repairs.

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Great progress is now being achieved with new information regarding the importance of these adult stem cells which is becoming found daily.

I am now 92 and am now virtually free from the need of medical drugs after a long history of dependence on them.

I can assure you this product has a lot to offer and is not costly with a money back guarantee if you are not happy with the results.

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Good luck in your search for anti aging answers.

Eddie Mace.