Statistics on stem cell research.

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Statistics on stem cell research was largely confined to embryonic stem cells.

Embryonic stem cell research is now starting to decline to some degree, however this is now being taken over by adult stem cell research.

Latest figures on stem cell research indicate there are now over 4000 researches happening with adult stem cells and only 26 with embryonic cells.

Sadly, despite the huge amount of investigation that has been carried out on embryonic stem cells, to date there has not been one application on these cells to assist in overcoming any of our health problems.

However the time being spent on adult stem cells research is now beginning to show a great deal of promise.

By adding nutrients for Stem cell support, there is proven scientific evidence that an increase in the supply of these stem cells in our blood stream is now possible.

We are now seeing injury from strokes, trauma and degenerative disorders responding to these special dietary nutrients.

Forget about embryonic stem cells, this is the new way forward and should be of great interest to each and everyone one of us.

As reported by an American Government Senator recently, there have now been as many as 72 different illnesses that have responded to these adult cells.

The work done by an independent research team led by a Canadian scientist, has now made a major biotechnology discovery with an aquatic plant.

This scientific discovery has now been PATENTED and has been scientifically proven to increase the supply of our own adult stem cells by as much as 25%.

Stop press. New investigations have further increased this to 43%.

This is fantastic news for all of us because it has now been proven that the greater number of stem cells in circulation in our bodies blood stream the healthier we are.

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When we were younger (up to 30 years old), we had the advantage of having an adequate supply of these adult cells, however the supply of these stem cells steadily declines as we get older.

By the time we reach around 50 years old we do not have an adequate supply of these cells and our health declines.

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