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Stem cells are the first cells formed following conception and then develop into the various cell types necessary to create or develop a body?

Did you know, these stem cells become our body’s main method of maintenance and repair after we are born and as we get older?

Did you know, that if our body was capable of producing sufficient stem cells we would probably seldom get sick or we would recover rapidly, Just like you probably did when you were younger?.

Did you know, that behind the scenes, stem cell investigation and development is causing a great deal of ethical and also political debate?.

Did you know, that the Pope is now involved in the religious aspect of stem cell research and is now financially supporting adult stem cell research ?

Did you know, According to the ground breaking 2003 medical report "Death by Medicine" 783,936 people in the United States die every year from conventional medicine mistakes.

Also, did you know that drugs don't actually cure anything?. See longevity plus

This last question is the one that interests me most of all, because if we can produce sufficient of these cells this should enable our bodies to better maintain our health and save us from drugs with all their unwanted side effects. See Stem cell information

Did you know that an investigative scientific research scientist has found a way to increase your body’s ability to produce stem cells by up to 30%. This has been scientifically proven, is now patented and available at a moderate cost?.

Leave stem cell research article-- go to stem cell miracles Stem cells are the body’s natural repair mechanism and we are seeing some wonderful results when the body has enough of these cells to meet its needs.

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