Longevity plus.

Longevity plus is now becoming available to you when you discover how.

Did you know your body has its own built in repair and renewal system? How else do you think those cuts or burns or a broken leg repair themselves?.This mystery has now been solved.

We now know our body’s natural repair system depends on the availability of its own adult stem cells.

This has been a great recent medical discovery of major importance because it plays a vital role in our future. Our personal well being is essentially the key to our future and our longevity.

Part of the puzzle has been because we didn’t realise that this repair system was the same method our body utilised to rectify all its physical difficulties including illness.

The availability of our stem cells starts to decline at around 30 years of age, so by the time most of us reach 50, we no longer have sufficient of these cells to maintain our physical fitness and we now know why our health declines as we get older.

Due to the investigation and research carried out over many years by the scientist Christian Drapeau, MSc, ( On our left) we now have a wonderful natural product which encourages our body to produce an increase of up to 30% in these essential stem cells.

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There you will find a wealth of information on this great discovery which I believe is going to play a major role in our future health care and of course our longevity.