Anti aging news.

ANTI AGING NEWS is now attracting more attention particularly as the incidence of life threatening problems like sugar diabetes, heart disease and strokes are now becoming more prevalent.

We are now seeing these and several other problems now happening at much earlier ages. Some of these complaints were considered the problems of old age however they are now becoming prevalent at much younger ages.

I wonder why?

These things do not happen without a reason.

Let’s look at just look at sugar diabetes for instance. In the past 60 years this problem has grown from a rare disease to the state where it is predicted one in every four people will be diagnosed with this complaint in the near future.

Could this be due to the massive amounts of sugar we are now consuming?

Our sugar consumption has increased out of all recognition in recent times. The average sugar consumption has now reached 170 pounds per person per year in America and that’s nearly half a pound per day. Other countries are not far behind.

As you are interested in anti aging then the following will no doubt interest you.

The problem with sugar diabetes is that when it first starts it can be treated with drugs but it can later develop very serious complications.

Sugar doesn’t just cause sugar diabetes. It has a string of other disabilities associated with it which doesn't make it a popular subject for anti aging.

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This stem cell technology is now making great progress in the area of anti aging and this may be of interest to you. Leave anti aging news go to recent stem cell research.

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