Recent stem cell research

Recent stem cell research is now putting more attention on adult stem cells.

Research with embryonic stem cells has been plagued with difficult problems making these cells unpredictable and making them unsafe to use for our health care.

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The following extract from “ US News and World Report” is an example of what is now happening. Quote. “We have just recently seen separate research reports of patients with spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis benefiting from adult stem cell therapy”.

Another great breakthrough is a natural biological medicinal product derived from an aquatic source which is now producing some amazing health care benefits and not only on the illnesses mentioned above. One of the mysteries was the number of illnesseswhich were responding so positively to this great product.

This wonderful discovery increases the supply of your own stem cells which then allows to the body to carry out its own repairs.

Many scientific studies indicate that the more stem cells you have flowing in your bloodstream, the healthier you are.

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This is recent and great information which will have a great bearing on future medical research and our health care.