Anti ageing products.

Reduce the effects of ageing

The author. Eddie Mace. Recent photo, aged 91.

Looking for anti ageing products?

Many Ideas have been offered to this  simple question but what I am going to suggest is quite different.

It’s not what you need to start taking that matters, IT’S WHAT YOU NEED TO STOP TAKING OR AT LEAST MINIMISE.

Sugar diabetes is now assuming plague proportions and its incidence is steadily increasing causing a whole range of health problems.

Sugar Diabetes.

When I was young sugar diabetes was rare complaint, in this day and age up to 1 in 4 people are suffering from this complaint or bordering on having it.

Believe it or not, this is a modern complaint. It has only recently developed to its current level.

Originally sugar diabetes problem was limited to only a few people with type 1 diabetes, however now by far the greatest number of people have type 2 diabetes.

Why is this?

Here we have an anti ageing products problem which is due to high sugar consumption.

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Sweet things are very attractive to our taste buds and as a result there is very little of our modern food that doesn’t contain some form of added sugar.

Over the last 100 years we have come from a very minimal amount of sugar in our diets to our current use of about 160 pounds per year. (about 50 Kilos)

"I don’t use that much sugar, I don’t believe it!"--- I can almost hear you say that!

Well, if you aren’t using it someone else must be, those are statistical numbers for the general population.

What you don’t realise is the amount of sugar that is now added to our general everyday food.

The reason for this is, IT IS A CHEAP FLAVOR ENHANCER.

There is very little of our food which now doesn’t have some sugar added to it. It makes our food more attractive to our taste buds!

This important information is now starting to become better recognised.

University of California.

Dr Robert Lustig a professor at the University of California. He states SUGAR IS A POISON!

He goes onto say that this substance plays havoc with our health.

What I have said so far has been a negative approach to this anti ageing products search, however here is a positive approach.

Positive Suggestion.

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I can then get back to you and I hope answer your questions.

I am 91 years of age, am almost free from the use of medical drugs and have obtained huge benefits from the product I am recommending to you here.

To your future good health and your longevity.

Eddie Mace.