Sugar addiction.

WHILST WE TURN TO THINGS LIKE STEM CELLS TO IMPROVE OUR HEALTH we don’t realise sugar addiction is rampant in our society.

Are you addicted to sugar? 95% of us are but don't know it!

I am still trying to minimise my sugar consumption. I no longer use it in my coffee or tea which was difficult to achieve.

It is now almost impossible to purchase any prepared food which does not include some form of sugar in it.

Why is this happening?


We have become so used to it we would find a lot of our everyday foods very bland and uninteresting without it, but what a price we are paying.

We consume over 60 kilo’s (160 pounds) of sugar per person per year! If you aren’t using it, then somebody else must be using your share.

There is rising proof that sugar is a major factor in obesity and a number of chronic or even lethal diseases.

It has been even suggested by some research scientists that it could be a CAUSATIVE FACTOR IN CANCER!

Dr Robert Lustig a Professor at the University of California says sugar acts as a toxic substance and wreaks havoc with your health. He strongly suggests sugar is a major source of obesity which is now affecting a huge number of people.

We are now have a rising interest in stem cells hoping for a solution to a large number of debilitating diseases which our society is now experiencing.

But why do we have such a high level of these complaints such as obesity and the health care problems that obesity causes in the first place?

No doubt stem cell discoveries will help to improve our health as we gain more understanding of them and I am delighted with the prospect this offers for our future health care.

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I strongly suggest you try and cut back your sugar consumption which then combined with the wonderful stem cell discoveries now being made will afford us a bright healthy future.

However, we need to stop poisoning our bodies with this insipid and unsuspected threat to our well-being which has trapped so many of us.

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However, this will allow me to respond to you and I hope answer any questions you may have.

To your future health, Eddie Mace.