Anti ageing foods.

Discovering anti ageing foods is becoming more difficult as the food we now eat is becoming heavily modified as attempts are made to make it more attractive to us.

Another problem is the way our foods are being modified to make them cheaper to manufacture or produce. We are paying a high price with our health as the quality our foods deteriorates.

The bulk or those foods we now eat are now largely carbohydrates in some form or another. Proteins unfortunately are becoming more and more costly.

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Meat, fish and eggs are the main sources of our proteins and these are far more costly to buy than carbohydrates.

Why do you think we are all having weight loss problems?

We all depend on far too many carbohydrates in our diet!!!

Surprise-surprise. Sugar is almost pure carbohydrate and it provides us with no health benefits whatsoever.

Believe it or not, WE DON'T ACTUALLY NEED SUGAR in our diets but we sure have now become addicted to it.

See Sugar addiction

This for most people will be a difficult task as we are all unfortunately addicted to sugar.

Sugar has now been added to almost everything we eat. I know this is a hard thing to believe but I can assure you there is a good reason.

Why would they do this ???


If you are interested in anti ageing you need to understand this.

According to various authorities sugar now represents over 30% of our food and this is a major source of excess weight and obesity.

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