Weight loss problems.

Weight loss problems are now causing worldwide problems and stress.

It started with affluent countries like the US and Australia and is now spreading out as people are adopting the American type diet.

With it, we are now seeing increasing health problems like heart disease and particularly Diabetes which is now reaching plague proportions.

Most major countries are now devoting enormous parts of their annual budget to health care. This is steadily increasing even to the point where it is now becoming a major financial difficulty.

Recent studies are suggesting that overweight is now a major contributor to this health care problem.

See Sugar addiction.

There you will find information regarding our sugar consumption and as more information continues to become available there is a distinct possibility that sugar is a major contributor to this ongoing problem.

As more investigation continues, it is now better understood and we now know that there are various forms of sugar apart from common table sugar. It appears that fructose which is a form of sugar and which is much sweeter than table sugar and also is much cheaper to produce, maybe a major contributor to our weight loss difficulties.

There is a great deal of information here on this YouTube video, Sugar The Bitter Truth.

It’s a very informative video primarily about the problems of weight loss and the impact of sugar, particularly fructose has on this ongoing difficulty.

Recently the advent of weight loss problems has become more troublesome, many ideas have been suggested including reducing our fat intake.

As a result, for the last 20 years LOW FAT has been seen as the solution to this difficulty.

Obviously this attempt at low fat cannot be the solution as the average individual is now carrying far more fat and weight than ever in spite of our fat consumption being heavily reduced.

When we reduce fat, many foods become unpalatable and to solve this problem what have we done? Increased the sugar content!

Do you still wonder why we have a weight problem?

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To your better health, Eddie Mace