Sugar craving.

Sugar craving is hard to overcome because we have been fed sugar almost since the time we were born.

I can remember as a child my mother in her ignorance often put sugar on my young brother’s dummy or soother to stop him crying. I don’t think this was an isolated case and this was considered quite normal.

Unfortunately this can contribute to the craving habit which has now become epidemic.

I am very interested in the great progress being made with stem cell discoveries as these will have a great impact on our future health. However, a lot of our medical problems would be reduced if we fed ourselves properly and particularly if we could restrict our sugar intake.

You only have to look at the supermarket trolleys and note the large quantities of things like coke which I have seen filling half those trollies.


Did you also know that apart from our sugar consumption, all the carbohydrates we eat and by the way these represent the majority of our food, have to get converted into sugar before our body can use them?

High sugar consumption unfortunately contributes to high disease rates.

If we are not getting it in drinks, it is in all the processed foods we eat.

You don’t have to wait for the potential stem cell discoveries to be made to improve your health, try reducing and controlling your sugar intake to start with.

I am fascinated by the potential that stem cell discoveries are on the verge of offering us, however you can't repair a body that is sick due to bad malnutrition by using stem cells. Our health and body condition is going to be restricted if we continue to poison ourselves with inappropriate things like sugar which our body was never intended to use..

Do you know the average person consumes nearly half a pound or 180 grams of sugar every day. That is the average! Many people including children, use twice that amount as their sugar craving is completely out of control.

How did we manage to survive before sugar was discovered! Previously the only source of sugar was honey and few people could afford this as it was a scarce comodity .

Do you wonder why diabetes is now becoming a major problem? This high sugar consumption is causing all sorts of health problems not just diabetes but also heart disease and maybe even cancer.

One of the greatest things you can do to improve your health is to try and heavily reduce your sugar consumption

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