Vitamin D facts.

There are many vitamin D facts which are now slowly being discovered.

Like stem cell discoveries there is also considerable progress being made in other areas of our health care.

It was generally acknowledged that vitamin D was important for bone health, however, it is now becoming recognised that this vitamin plays a much bigger role in our health than was previously realised.

A great number of people, particularly older women now suffer from bone weakness due to their inability to absorb calcium and it is now recognised that shortage of vitamin D can play a major role in calcium absorption.

Recent discoveries indicate that our tissues and cells require this vitamin to perform their everyday functions and I personally suggest that the stem cell availability of this vitamin can have an impact on us.

How important is this vitamin is for our everyday health?.

Acid reflux is an ongoing problem for many people in our modern society and there are reports that vitamin D can play a useful role in reducing the effects this common complaint.

One of the ongoing problems with this vitamin is due to our lack of skin exposure to sunlight.

It seems that if we could only get sufficient skin exposure to the sun we would never be short of this important vitamin.

Shortage of vitamin D is now known to be connected with osteoporosis as it affects calcium absorption. Osteoporosis is now becoming very prevalent in our older groups and unfortunately it is now affecting much younger people.

Shortage of this vitamin can even affect high blood pressure.

Did you know that one of the important vitamin D facts is that we cannot absorb either magnesium or calcium without adequate amounts of this vitamin?

If you cannot expose our bodies enough to get sufficient and adequate sunlight (by the way means most of us). Then we need to supplement with vitamin D3.

There are various forms of vitamin D including artificial forms but the most important form is D3. This is the natural form which is readily available and it is highly recommended.

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As shortage of this vitamin is now starting to be recognised there is a great amount more information now becoming available on the importance of this vitamin.

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