Vitamin D.

Vitamin D shortages have been frequently associated with bone health with little attention being given to its many other important functions.

We all know that its essential for calcium absorption but that's not all.

New discoveries suggest it has many more important purposes and it is now believed that as many as 80% or more of people could be deficient in this important vitamin and are blithely unaware of it.

One of the critical functions is the amount of sun exposure that we can acquire, however let me remind you that the habit of coating our bodies with sunscreen lotions while they may protect us from sunburn they also reduce the supply of this important vitamin.

Another important aspect is the limit of sun exposure which our modern lifestyle imposes on us particularly people who have to work indoors.

How much direct sun exposure or sunlight do you receive in our modern workaday world?

How much of your skin is exposed to sunlight and how much is covered up in order to meet our views on appropriate dress?

Some scientists are now saying we need to take action to overcome this difficulty.

Some recent scientific discoveries are emphasising the opinion that all tissues and cells themselves have special receptors for this important vitamin which strongly suggests how important this vitamin is for our overall health.

Did you know that vitamin D particularly D3 plays an important role in more than 2000 genes in our body?

We have been plagued with attempts to protect our skin from the “harmful sun’s rays” but at what cost to our health? I wonder why people enjoy better health in the summer months?

Due to the new awareness and discoveries about this vitamin and its importance I could go on and on. However I shall be writing more information on this important subject again shortly.

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