Vitamin D deficiency symptoms.

Research is now showing us the extent of vitamin D deficiency symptoms.

It is now becoming recognised that the lack of vitamin D is a major cause of things like rickets and calcium absorption. We are now becoming more aware that it can be a cause of weak bones and can cause them to become brittle and easily broken.

It is now being used with calcium to minimise this problem.

As vitamin D deficiency symptoms are now being acknowledged as a possible source of high blood pressure because it can affect our blood vessels.

It has also been investigated as a contributing cause of cholesterol problems.

There are reports it is being used for skin conditions and it is interesting that it is also being used for a type of psoriasis.

Vitamin D plays an important role in our ability to use and absorb calcium because this mineral has a large bearing on the condition of our bones and our skeletal structure.

It also affects other important minerals like phosphorus which is essential for many of our bodily functions.

Vitamin D deficiency can indicate bone loss due to lack of calcium, particularly for people with kidney failure.

Some studies have shown that women taking vitamin D can reduce the risk of Multiple sclerosis to a substantial degree.

We can absorb a large or adequate amount of vitamin D from the sun provided only that we have enough skin directly exposed directly to the sun. Unfortunately due to the need to keep ourselves warm we seldom have our body adequately exposed directly to the sun.

Vitamin D deficiency problems become more prevalent due to climatic conditions and as a consequence people living in mild or colder climate will be very often be found to be deficient in this important vitamin.

It is now being discoveres that people with type 2 diabetes have been shown to have a shortage of this vitamin. However, taking vitamin D supplements does not appear to benefit this condition.

Vitamin D deficiencies are very varied and are more prevalent than is generally reconised, particularly where there is a problem with calcium absorption.

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