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Stem cell news is proving to be popular these days as at long last stem cell science is now making some great progress.

There is also great news about antioxidants and the part played by them in rejuvenating our immune system.

This area of medical research which had been dominated by embryonic stem cell research is now starting to take more notice of Adult stem cell science.

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This area of stem cell news is now starting to attract more attention as noted in the "US News and World Report". They reported "Adult stem cell research has scored major wins".

In the past, trying to work with adult stem cells had been far too difficult and was largely abandoned.

Using the usual methods with test tube type technology, countless problems were being encountered. Now however, by working with adult stem cells which are already in the body, this research has made great progress and is now having outstanding results.

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An influential American Senator is now working on a bill to support the successful medical science results being achieved with adult stem cell research.

He went on to say,"There have been 72 illnesses which have responded to adult stem cell intervention whereas there has not been even one success to date with embryonic stem cells".

I hate to think of the vast amounts of money which has been spent on embryonic stem cell research with not even one successful application being achieved.

Of great interest to me is the research done by scientist Christian Drapeau MSc, who has isolated a natural product which has been scientifically proven (and now patented )to boost the adult stem cells available in our bodies.

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This discovery which is now proven and patented enables your body to repair itself from a whole range of unwanted conditions and disabilities.

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