Stem cell therapy news.

Stem cell therapy news,

What are these cells? What do they do? Can they assistin my future well being? Read on, I believe I may have some interesting answers for you.

I am sure you already know that these cells provide a wonderful prospect for our future health. I also assume you know, that these are master cells and play a critical role in the status and health of our body.

What they do is, circulate in your blood stream and replace those cells which have reached the end of their life span and which your body needs in order to maintain its operating functions.

Your stem cells have a finite life span and when there life has run its course they need to be replaced in order for your body to perform properly.

When your body is no longer able to replace the debilitated cells of an organ, you finish up with some sort of an illness depending on what part of your body is affected.

In order to remain healthy you have to be able to replace these specific cells as needed.

For many years it was thought that only embryonic stem cells could perform this essential service, but more recent research has demonstrated your adult stem cells can perform this function.

Recently a big breakthrough occurred when a scientist, Christian Drapeau, MSc was able to extract some critical components from an algae (ALA) which has now been scientifically proven to increase the supply of stem cells in your blood stream.

The resulting product has now been patented and is the world’s only patented scientifically proven enhancer of these critical cells.

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