Embryonic stem cell debate.

Embryonic stem cell debate is a now attracting a lot of attention.

Behind this subject there lies enormous potential for medical research with a host of great possibilities.

The trouble is, this subject also raises a great number of religious and ethical issues.

Luckily, great promise is now occurring with adult stem cell research which does not involve the controversies now surrounding embryonic cell research.

This is therefore also much more acceptable in the view of a lot of people.

Another advantage of Adult stem cells is that they come from your own body and therefore there is no rejection problem.

A further area of great success has now occurred with research on a natural product which has now been scientifically proven to increase the number of your own stem cells circulating in your body.

If you look in The New England Journal of Medicine, you will find the number one indicator of a healthy heart is the number of stem cells circulating within your body.

This is proving to be a tremendous breakthrough as I now have a large number of people who are having great success with a wide range of medical difficulties. See Success stories

A wonderful article in the journal of the American Medical Association gave an account of stem cells becoming neurons in a recipients brain.

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