Medical research and stemcells

Medical research has been almost exclusively been owned by "big Pharma".

The drug companies have to date dominated research in this area. Whilst this has largely been an exclusive zone, behind the scene there is another area of research which is now attracting increasing attention.

Hardly a week goes by without an article printed in one of the main newspapers.

Stem cell research is now a hot area of research.

Stem cell research on which several billion dollars and on which there was high hopes had failed to materialise any real successes, however it is now starting to produce results in an unexpected area.

The failure of embryonic stem cell investigation has now been overtaken by adult stem cell research.

Whilst embryonic cell attempts were being held back by the inability to control the long term stem cells growth, no such problem occurs with the adult cells as they are part of your own body and don't cause any problem.

See benefits of stem cells

Unfortunately this fact is not understood and in fact is not even generally known by the medical profession.

Big Pharma with their multi million dollars have for many years dominated the medical profession.

Things are about to change as the ability of our body's stem cells to repair our body becomes better known.

Interesting information

If you wish to keep up to date with the great progress now being made with stem cells, I suggest you read some of the information and successes already revealed on these pages and on which I shall be regularly reporting.

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