Benefits of stem cells

Benefits of stem cells is now assuming great importance as it is now proven by medical research and biological science that the more stem cells you have circulating in your body the healthier you are.

Science news is now telling us about the recently discovered information that the only system that actually rebuilds and protects our body is our own stem cells.

Clinical trials are now proving that stem cells constitute the natural renewal system of the body.

We don’t need new drug discoveries or better vaccines when the body is capable of repairing itself from all sorts of threats PROVIDED ONLY, THAT IT CAN RELEASE THE NECESSARY STEM CELLS INTO THE BLOOD STREAM.

We now know that we can increase the availability of our stem cells and can overcome what had been a very real previous difficulty.

There are 2 types of stem cells; the first variety are embryonic stem cells and these are only found very early on in the embryo and the second type is Adult stem cells. These are found in the body after birth.

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Stem cells are primitive cells and will remain so until they receive information directing them to become the various types of cells of which the body is constituted.

All the great successes which are now being achieved are coming from adult stem cells, however this is not receiving the publicity you would expect, this is because all the money and attention has been directed to embryonic stem cells.

Thankfully this is about to change.

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After millions of dollars of research grants has been spent on embryonic cell research so far there has not been one successful application of embryonic cells.

It doesn't seem to appear we should be looking for our better health care outcomes from there.

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This science news discovery does not involve embryonic stem cells and consists of a natural biotechnology product which supports our own body's stem cells.

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