Stem cell research

Stem cell research is now playing a major part in our general health because we now know the number of stem cells circulating in our blood stream is one of the major indicators of good health.

To date, research has been concentrated and centered around Embryonic stem cells.

It is important to clarify the difference between EMBRYONIC and ADULT cells.

The moment you are born your cells are now considered to be adult stem cells.

The precise facts are that embryonic stem cells no longer exist after the embryo has reached about 4 or 5 days of development.

However it has been generally agreed that your cells are considered to be embryonic up until birth.

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After 10 years of research into embryonic stem cells and the expenditure of vast sums of money, we still haven't got much to show for it.

The only real progress in terms of health and body improvement to date seems to have come from working with ADULT STEM CELLS.

Adult stem cells were shown to have the ability to become virtually any cell in the body and we now know these cells constitute the natural renewal system of the body..

A recent US news report went on to say---"To date most of the stem cell triumphs that the public hears about results from the infusion of adult stem cells". (end of quote)

In fact it now seems that adult stem cells are becoming the stars of stem cell investigation.

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One US company has had tremendous success with a patented natural product that can enhance and increase the flow of our own adult stem cells.

This patented product, from my own experience with a large number of people, not only produces huge health improvements but I am also receiving a large number of weight loss reports.

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A number of people are reporting they are now feeling great and as a result they are finding their appetite is reduced, resulting for some people with considerable weight loss.

Continuous feeling of hunger can be a major problem for people trying to achieve weight loss.

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