Health supplements.

For a long time we were advised that health supplements were not necessary and we were wasting our money buying them.

We were told that we could get all the supplements we needed from our food.

Well that’s all changed and we now have a published list of the minimum requirements of a whole range supplements which are considered essential for our well- being.

Please note, THIS IS THE MINIMUM REQUIREMENT, and not the recommended level you should acquire which is considerably higher.

A great many things are now becoming available regarding our health, like the great discoveries now being made regarding stem cells.

You can find out a great deal of information on this subject at our site at Stem cell miracles.

It is now becoming recognised that our food chain is sadly lacking many things, Magnesium is a typical example. This mineral is in very short supply in our food chain.

Magnesium is essential for our well-being and you can find a lot of useful and important information regarding this essential mineral in the following pages.

See Magnesium citrate.

Another area where extreme shortages are now occurring is with the important Omega 3.

Years ago we used to get Omega 3 from our beef, but now due to modern farming methods there is very little Omega 3 available in our modern diets.

Another great source of this essential component for our diets was obtained from fish, particularly salmon, but unfortunately the salmon now being consumed is acquired from farmed salmon which has virtually no Omega3 in it.

If you would like more information on this I suggest

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Most of us eat eggs, however the bulk of our eggs are now procured from penned chickens which seldom see daylight and are forced to produce as many eggs as possible.

The result is a product sadly lacking in health supplements and which we now accept as normal eggs.

These things and many more like them are playing a big part in the increasing maladies that are now affecting our health.

These are important things to understand and will be of great value to your future well-being, therefor I strongly advise you to recognise the effect they are having on our food chain.

It’s not without reason that things like heart problems and diabetes are now reaching plague proportions.

I hope this helps.