Health reform.

Health reform is now becoming necessary as the cost of our present system is now outstripping the ability of some countries ability to pay for it in its present form.

The cost of maintaining health is now becoming a major percentage of some countries gross domestic products and is now becoming a big problem for their annual budgets. It is now reaching the limits of its affordability.

A vast amount of this expenditure is being consumed not only by hospitals and medical services but a huge amount is also ending up in the pockets of drug companies.

Drug companies have been very influential and spend not only a huge amount on research but also on influencing members of parliaments and Government officials. There influence has become a major factor in government domestic policy.

Due to the vast amount of money they have available there power has been heavily affecting any chances of achieving any affective real health reforms.

Now however, with the success being achieved with stem cells research, at long last I can see some positive changes coming.

The success being achieved with ADULT STEM CELLS is going to minimise our past dependency on drugs.

More people are now becoming aware of the fact that drugs don’t cure anything.

Of course where some condition is otherwise untreatable drug relief is going to be very desirable.

The main use of drugs has been to make people more comfortable with whatever difficulty they are experiencing, however, it unfortunately hides the underlying problem which often remains untreated and eventually then causes other difficulties to arise.

Drug companies I hope are going to lose some of the enormous influence they have been able to achieve over the last few years.

The good news is the discoveries now being made with ADULT STEM CELLS (don’t confuse these with EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS) and this is promising us great chances for improved health.

One of these important discoveries was made by a Canadian scientist who discovered a product from a natural source (which has now been patented) and this discovery can enable our bodies themselves to bring about some amazing health improvements without drugs.

These improvements are being achieved by releasing our adult stem cells into our blood stream thereby enabling some amazing improvements in health to occur.

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To understand the importance of this discovery we need to recognise that stem cells are the body’s own automatic self-maintenance system.

When you cut yourself, stem cells are released into the blood system to carry out the necessary repairs. Sure you can stitch up the damage or bandage it etc, however your stem cells are necessary to carry out the repair. Without their help repair could never occur.

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STOP PRESS. A recent discovery announcement reveals adult stem cells are now being found directly in our skin tissue.

More progress with these adult stem cells is being made on a daily basis.