Science progress.

Science progress has stirred up an ethical, religious and political battle around one of the most important medical discoveries of all time, STEM CELLS.

Unlike many other situations, the upsets or disagreements are not concerning the effectiveness of the treatment, this seems to be generally agreed upon, but from the method or way in which these cells are derived and utilised is causing disputes.

There is absolutely no doubt that stem cells offer great hope for people with a myriad of distressing diseases or injuries.

This unfortunate attitude which has been built up around stem cells, has prevented many people from benefiting from this wonderful new technology.

However, science moves on and we have a new technology which can bypass all this undesirable controversy.

We can now enhance the supply of our own stem cells without getting involved in things like embryos and all the afore mentioned battles around this hot subject.

see adult stem cell therapy

We have countless success stories from people who previously had no hope of obtaining relief from a whole range of disabilities.

Some of these people had been severely debilitated, suffering for years like Graham.

Graham had been distressed for years with a severe form of Psoriasis which had defied all forms of previous treatment and caused him to isolate himself from public view. Now he has made major progress towards better health and it has turned his life around.

I am almost 90 years of age and am now free from what was making life somewhat difficult for me. I now virtually drug free and am enjoying life with virtually no restrictions.

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