Health guidance.


This is particularly so in our take away world because most of this type of food which is very enticing contains very little nutrition.

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Health guidance is seldom taught in schools because teachers are also clueless on the importance of correct nutrition.

Carbohydrates dominate our current diets as we have all developed a liking for sweet things and unfortunately carbohydrates are much cheaper than proteins and these carbohydrates also help create excess weight.

Amongst the greatest offenders is sugar in its various forms, particularly fructose which is now used extensively in many foods.

I have been watching a report from a highly qualified Dr at one of our leading universities wherein he states that sugar is in fact a poison. This doesn’t mean to say it will immediately kill you, however the long term affects are the same.

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Congratulations for watching this page on health guidance as it is not a very popular subject particularly among younger people as they think they will live forever and what they eat doesn’t matter. I have some bad news for them; our body’s health is being continually affected by our diet and the things we eat. (also; what we don’t, but really should eat)

For anyone whose body is having difficulty from lack of adequate health guidance in the past and now wants to improve their health, great progress is now being achieved in the area of stem cell discoveries.

For years EMBRIONIC STEM CELL RESEARCH dominated this area without any success for our health even though multi millions of dollars were spent with very little if any success.

Now however great progress is being achieved using ADULT STEM CELLS.

Stem cells research, particularly with adult stem cells is the technology of the future and great hopes are expected as more discoveries are made.

One of the problems up to date in this area is the high cost involved, often requiring overseas travel, but recently a Canadian scientist made a big breakthrough using a natural product which is achieving great success.

This has now been patented worldwide and has the advantage of being relatively cheap to purchase.

This breakthrough discovery about stem cells has enormous potential for our health and yet is quite inexpensive and should be well within the budget of most people.

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This product is already achieving considerable success and my only concern is the ability to maintain supply as the demand is rapidly growing and I believe there is not an endless supply available.

If you are not satisfied with the results it comes with a 6 month money back guarantee.