Nutritional information.

In the past people providing nutritional information particularly for weight loss thought they were doing the correct thing by advising people to minimise the fat they were consuming.

It didn't work did it???

THERE IS STILL A HUGE WEIGHT LOSS PROBLEM IN OUR SOCIETY. Weight loss presents a huge problem for many people.

Mistakes have occurred and are going to be made as we discover more things about the human body and finding the major cause of excess weight and obesity is one of them.

As we move forward by discovering more things about nutritional information we are now finding out about stem cells and the great benefits these can produce for us.

Many things about stem cells are not understood. There has been a lot of controversy about embryonic stem cells, HOWEVER ADULT STEM research is now making great progress and THIS is leading the way forward with many great discoveries being revealed almost on a daily basis.

Development work with these adult stem cells is already producing results and is promising to overcome many health problems, therefor luckily we no longer need to depend on the controversial embryonic stem cells.

There is a great deal of information regarding this on our home page about stem cells.

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We have now discovered it’s not fat that is causing excess weight, its the excess carbohydrates in our diet.

Potatoes for instance are a major culprit because they are an all starch food and potato chips are a very popular snack food.

Whilst fat can be a contributor it’s not the fat in which they are cooked which is the major problem; ITS THE CARBOHYDRATES IN THE POTATOES.

They are almost 100% carbohydrates as they are composed primarily of starch.

Carbohydrates are primarily starches.

To utilise starch your body has to convert the starch into SUGAR before the body can use it.

HEREIN LIES THE PROBLEM WITH CARBOHYDRATES. Our body cant use carbohydrates unless they are first converted into a form of sugar.


In the past FAT was part of a survival storage system against lean times . This is never likely to happen to us now, consequently what happens, WE STORE UP FAT.

I cant see a fat person dying of hunger!

Carbohydrates now form a major part of our diet and we eat very little protein, this is probably because protein is much more expensive than carbohydrates and anyway we love carbohydrates particularly sweet things, so what happens??? I’ll leave you to guess.

If you want to lose weight one of the best things you can do apart from dieting is to really minimise your carbohydrates and increase your protein consumption.

It may be a more expensive way of eating but it will create big weight loss dividends.

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Excess weight brings with it various health problems but not only that, it spoils our appearance and makes it so hard for us find find clothes to help us look attractive.

There are various health risks associated with even a small amount of excess weight, therefor by using nutritional information and reducing your weight will not only make you feel good but will also make you healthier and will extend your life span..