We should now know Fructose is bad news for our health and we need to try and avoid it if we can.

This will not be easy because this sweetener is now being extensively used in our everyday foods.

You are obviously interested in your health for which I congratulate you.

We can all do with valid health information and our greatest prospects lie in the area of stem cells.

Great progress is now occurring in the area of stem cells research which has great potential, however, in the mean time we need to catch up on what is happening with our food sources.

I have no doubt about the great importance of stem cells, however we still need to watch what has been happening with our diets.

We unfortunately have all become sugar addicts for various reasons and we haven't yet realised it.

One of the primary reasons is that sugar in its various forms acts as a cheap flavor enhancer and is used extensively for this purpose in very many of our everyday foods.

You can improve the flavor of many things by adding a small quantity of some form of sugar to it.

If you would like to verify this, take a fresh tomato, lightly fry or cook it, break it up and taste it.

Now, add a very, very small amount of sugar and taste it.


Small quantities they may be, however you will be surprised how these small quantities add up.

Food manufacturers know this and sugar is now included in most of the things we eat.

Don’t bother to look at the label; the quantity involved is not large enough to have to be shown on the label in most cases.

Sugar in any form is now becoming recognised as a major source of various illnesses, HOWEVER FRUCTOSE IS THE WORST OFFENDER.

There is a very interesting video presentation by Robert. H. Lustig. MD. A Professor of Pediatrics at the University of California. Here the Professor names fructose as a poison.

Yet we continue to consume it in ever increasing quantities on a daily basis. Maybe it won’t kill us today but he is indicating it’s a slow poison.

The sweetness in fruit comes from this source, however, because our fruit consumption is normally quite low and this also contains a large amount of fiber, fruit consumption itself is not a problem.

However our greatest source of this product comes from an artificially produced product made from maize starch and hydrochloric acid. It is very cheap to produce and now replaces sugar extensively in many foods because of its cheapness.

We have to acknowledge the marvels of modern science, but it sometimes happens that our knowledge can betray us and I believe this sweetness discovery is now causing us immense harm.

Sugar in its usual cane sugar form is already causing us considerable harm. We are now consuming 160 pounds of it per year, whereas 100 years ago its use was quite limited.

Look at the sugar diabetes situation which is now quite serious and approaching epidemic proportions; then on top of that we add this artificial sugar!.

Have you ever wondered why we are getting sick?

If you are wondering or concerned about our modern obesity problem I suggest you look at our sugar consumption.

When our sugar use is greater than our body can use it which is often the case, our body tries to save it. How does it do this? It turns it into fat! Yes, I said FAT.

Leave fructose go to Sugar addiction.

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To your good health.