Addiction to sugar.

Addiction to sugar believe it or not is a major source of illness in today’s society.

Our diets are now laden with this sweet but supposedly??? innocuous food.

It is hard today to find any part of our diet which does not have any sugar included in it.

We can make our food more palatable and enjoyable when we reduce the fat in our food if we add some sugar to it.

This has become particularly noticeable since we have been led to believe we need to restrict our fat intake. By reducing the fat in our food sugar makes our food more attractive and enjoyable.

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Weight loss technology is attracting a lot of interest today as many people are showing interest in overcoming the increasing number of illnesses like sugar diabetes which is now becoming a common complaint.

Whilst stem cell research offers us great hope for our future health care, our addiction to sugar is playing havoc with our current health in many ways.

Dr Robert Lustic who is a professor at the University of California has pointed out sugar acts as a toxic substance and wreaks havoc with your health. He actually calls sugar a POISON

Anti aging supplements may not be necessary if you can really reduce your sugar consumption.

A lot of the illnesses we are now hoping to overcome with stem cell technology could easily be helped by limiting our sugar intake.

Sugar in its various forms is also the major source of our weight loss problems.

Did you know that surplus sugar gets stored as FAT! YES THAT'S CORRECT, I SAID FAT!

Our surplus weight with its associated weight loss problems cause us untold health difficulties.

I don’t know anyone who is happy with their appearance when they are experiencing surplus weight. This surplus weight is also very anti aging.

There is not much sense struggling with dress sizes if you can deduce your weight by reducing your sugar intake.

Unfortunately we now have an addiction to sugar.

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Here is something you can do to vastly improve your health, (and appearance) TRY AND CUT DOWN ON YOUR SUGAR CONSUMPTION.

This will pay huge dividends as it will make you feel good and also increase your life span,

This will not be easy because our modern diet is loaded with sugar.

Few of us realise the amount of sugar we unknowingly consume daily and are completely unaware of it as it is hidden in so much of our food..

Our sugar consumption has gone through the roof in recent times. While the amount of sugar we use in our coffee or tea can be significant it is nothing compared to the sugar that is included in so much of our every day food.

Did you know that all up we eat nearly half a pound of sugar per day? No, I am not imagining it. These are official figures.

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To your future health and your enjoyable increased life span.

Eddie Mace.

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