What are adult stem cells.

Reduce the effects of aging.

The author. Eddie Mace recent photo aged 92.

What are adult stem cells?

Simply they are a type of master cell.

This however doesn’t tell you very much, so read on.

This page is about understanding what are adult stem cells.

They are found in all animals including human beings. They are also found in human embryos and tissues.

However as we get older they are most abundantly found in our bone marrow.

These cells play a major role in protecting our health. They circulate in our blood stream and function to replace other sick or deteriorating stem cells.

We now know they play a major role in maintaining our health.

A recent report by CNN suggested these adult stem cells represented the greatest health care discovery in the past 25 years.

The report suggested it was second only to the mapping of the human genome.

On the other hand, EMBRYONIC stem cells have become bad news for various reasons and have given stem cells a bad name.

Therefor don’t get adult stem cells confused with EMBRYONIC stem cells.

There have now been many attempts to benefit from this adult stem cell discovery.

Canadian researcher Christian Drapeau MSc

The most important result comes from the discovery by a Canadian researcher Christian Drapeau MSc, who has researched and found a natural product which we now know can increase these adult stem cells in our blood stream by up to 43%.

For more information on this important breakthrough

See stem cell forum.

Even the Catholic Church which is strongly opposed to using embryonic stem cells is now supporting research with adult stem cells.

If you visit this page you can get access to an interesting report on this important information.

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Vatican conference.

By discovering what are adult stem cells, a lot of people are now greatly benefiting from this information.

Here is a report from a 79 years old young lady who has made this discovery.

(A copy of this report is held in our records.)

           (Unabreviated or altered).

I am a 79 years old great grandmother and have developed a considerable number of physical disabilities as I have become older.

Due to rheumatoid arthritis I have been restricted in my body movements particularly in my hands, only being able to close them half way which is very debilitating and very restrictive.

I have had back trouble for many years which has caused me a great deal of discomfort and pain.

When I was forced to wear shoes to go to the shopping centre my feet felt like they were burning and I tried to avoid wearing them where ever possible. I can now wear shoes without any discomfort!

I have been taking these products for about 4 weeks now and am amazed at the difference it has made.
I used to get tired during the day and could only spend a little time in the garden before I needed a rest. I was able to spend nearly 2 hours gardening and still felt fine which in itself is a great success story.
I can now fully close my hands without pain. What a relief!

My back pain has disappeared after a short period on these amazing products!.

I have only been using these products for a few weeks, however I noticed benefits within a few days.

I am sleeping better now and do not get so tired during the day and I notice other good success stories are also happening.
These Stem cell products are the best thing I have ever taken.

Dorothy  H.

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I hope this has helped to answer the question what are adult stem cells and provided you with some useful information.

To your your happy and successful future.

Eddie Mace.