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This Vatican news is very interesting; the Vatican is now supporting research on stem cells.

Many people were against stem cell research because they opposed the use of embryonic stem cells.

A big change occurred as this research is now being directed to using adult stem cells

The Vatican is now contributing funds and holding annual conferences to advance research into these adult stem cells.

They have just completed their second annual conference into using these amazing stem cells.

Earlier report.

Here is a short video report from their first conference which was held in 2012. This indicates the huge progress which is now occurring in this new area of health research.

You may have already Viewed this video, however it only takes a few minutes and is well worth watching again.

If you have seen it then read on.

The Vatican.

New Vatican news report.

At this years Vatican conference more great results were reported which augers well for the future of this new health procedure.

We badly need a new approach to our health care system as we now know drugs have limitations, these drugs are often very expensive and quite frequently have some serious unwanted side effects.

It's time we moved on from our dependency on medical drugs and I believe stem cells are promising to provide an answer.

Here is an interesting section of a report following this years conference on stem cells. This is a report on the great benefits that are being achieved using a stem cell procedure which is now producing some amazing results.

During the second weekend in April, the Vatican hosted what the Wall Street Journal called an "unusual conference."

At this "unusual conference," scientists, including a Nobel Laureate, theologians, and entrepreneurs came together to discuss one of the most contentious issues of our time: stem cell research.

This, the second annual "International Vatican Adult Stem Cell Conference" along with various related efforts had as a primary goal to "lay the groundwork for a collaborative network of scientists, educators and patrons who embrace the promise of adult stem cells."

This potential was given a human face with the story of Elizabeth Lobato, a 14-year-old girl diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as "brittle bone disease," when she was only ten months old.

In addition to breaking her bones every few months, the condition has caused Elizabeth and others like her to suffer from a variety of ailments including "muscle weakness, hearing loss, loose joints, curved bones,scoliosis, brittle teeth and short stature."

But an adult stem cell treatment, using "bone marrow-derived stem cells from her father," has helped Elizabeth grow thirteen inches since beginning the treatment.

Making Elizabeth's story that much more poignant is that her family refused even to consider any treatment involving embryonic stem cells.

And the other part of the answer is that people don't know the incredible success of adult stem cell treatments.

Getting that word out was the purpose of the conference.

And now it's up to us to spread the news and correct the public record.

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