Vitamin D levels.


The importance of vitamin D levels is only now starting to hit the headlines as more and more research is being devoted to this important area of health.

There are several means of acquiring this vitamin however we should only resort to using them when we can’t get enough direct sunlight. Unfortunately this applies to many people with our modern lifestyle.

How much direct sunlight are you able to acquire in your normal day to day lifestyle?

The optimum source of vitamin D is automatically created by your own body when it is DIRECTLY EXPOSED TO THE SUN for a sufficient period.

Whereas we have to protect ourselves from sunburn, the problem is that when we cover ourselves with sunscreen this prevents the production of this important vitamin.

If you can get access to direct sunlight, the optimum thing to do is to allow yourself time to generate vitamin D (about 25 to30 minutes) and THEN apply sunscreen. This exposure will vary from individual to individual.

The more of your body you can expose to the sun the better. This is of course easier for men than women. Men! --- they once again have an advantage. This problem didn’t exist in earlier times when women exposed their breasts and this was a totally natural thing.

Unfortunately many of us live in colder climates necessitating we keep ourselves heavily clothed and that’s when vitamin D food sources become very necessary because recent research is now indicating how important vitamin D food sources is to our health.

Do you know that without this vitamin OUR BODY CANNOT ABSORB CALCIUM?

How big a problem is that for women who have reached and passed menopause.

It is now being recognised that shortage of this vitamin can be a factor in high blood pressure. It also affects things like our ability to absorb phosphorus.

As we get older the more we are likely to suffer from vitamin D deficiency. We are more likely to spend our time indoors and we wrap up our bodies up to keep ourselves warm.

There has been a recent report that lack if this vitamin can contribute to prostate enlargement which is a major problem for older men. No, men aren’t exempt from this deficiency and they also need to find vitamin D food sources if they do not get sufficient sun exposure.

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