Vitamin D food sources..

Vitamin D food sources are particularly important if you don’t receive enough sun exposure.

Because of our present life style few of us get sufficient sun exposure and this is particularly important for children.

Because of our present life style children do not get adequate sun exposure and most sports are highly organised now frequently played indoors.

Children who are short of vitamin D often develop a disease called rickets.

Rickets is generally a childhood disease and is caused largely by a shortage of vitamin D, although phosphorous, magnesium and calcium are also implicated.

One of the best known sources of vitamin D is fish oil.

Either cod liver oil or halibut oil are good sources but nothing surpasses sun exposure.

Other sources of this vitamin are not that plentiful, however sardines and mackerel which are generally caught in the wild can provide a good source of this important vitamin.

However most salmon are now farmed and unfortunately contain very little of this important vitamin.

Vitamin D foods are not that plentiful and that is why there is so much emphasis on adequate sun exposure.

Difficulty arises when we protect ourselves with sunscreen as this only adds to the problem of lack of lack of direct sunlight.This not only protects us from sunburn but also heavily reduces our ability to generate this important vitamin.

Sure, one needs to protect ourselves from sunburn but we should first allow ourselves to generate this important vitamin before we protect ourselves from too much sun.

With good management we can achieve both; just allow yourselves to absorb whatever sun exposure you can, before you cover yourself up or use sunscreen to protect yourselves from sunburn.

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