Types of stem cells.

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There are 2 important types of stem cells which can be very confusing so let’s see if we can simplify it.

We can go off into the woods of complexity and complicate the situation and easily make it difficult to understand.

However there are only the two basic types of these cells with which the average person needs to understand.

If you are doing a major research on stem cells then you need a much more complex article.

This page contains only the basics of what most people need to understand.

OK, the basic types of stem cells are EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS and ADULT STEM CELLS.

If you understand the difference between these two you will be well on your way to getting the hang of this.

Let’s look at embryonic stem cells first.

An agreement has been reached that after you are born all your cells are adult stem cells.

Prior to this they are said to be embryonic stem cells.

However the hard facts are that EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS only exist for 4 or 5 days after conception.

After that time the characteristic of these cells changes as they start to assume a particular body function and therefor can no longer can really be classed as embryonic stem cells.

Therefor in order to obtain embryonic stem cells requires the destruction of a few days old embryo and this is causing a lot of disagreement and a lot of public argument.

Now, let us look at ADULT STEM CELLS.

By classification these cells occur after you are born and play a major role in maintaining the health of our body.

When you were young you quickly recovered from a cut or body damage or maybe an illness because these adult stem cells were easily available from your bone marrow and your blood stream to carry out any necessary repairs or to help you overcome an illness.

Unfortunately by the time you reach about 30 years of age or there about, the availability of these adult stem cells for the bodies maintenance or repairs starts to dwindle and we start to develop various illnesses.

By the time we reach about 50 to 55 the number of these adult stem cells is no longer available in sufficient quantity to maintain our well-being and our health starts tor decline.

In lots of cases people then start using medical drugs to try and overcome these difficulties.

However, there is now a better solution.

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Good luck in your search for types of stem cells, this is a very simple explanation and I hope this has been of some help.

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