Stem cell controversy.

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The Author. Eddie Mace, recent photo aged 91.

This stem cell controversy is due to lack of dependable information on the one hand and false information on the other.

There is much misgiving surrounding embryonic stem cell research which  has produced no health improvements or beneficial results even after 12 years of expensive investigation.

There has  already been vast sums of money spent, largely on embryonic stem cell research, probably now in excess of a trillion dollars in the worlds universities and research institutions.

This is a very long time in view of our modern technology and also considering the amount of money which has been spent.

Results with ADULT stem cells however, are now really starting to pay dividends with a lot of reported health benefits.

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We now know our body is capable of self healing  and by using these adult stem cells it will make every endeavor to achieve this and heal itself.  

If we can stimulate the body to increase the supply of these adult  cells, we shall increase the ability of the body to carry out its own repairs.  

Christian Drapeau, M.Sc

There has been a major medical breakthrough brought about by the work of a Canadian clinical research scientist Christian Drapeau. M.Sc, seen here and this is really exciting  news.

He has discovered and patented a natural biological substance which by virtue of clinical trials has been proven to increase our body’s supply of adult stem cells by up to 25%.

This has now resulted in some amazing recoveries from a whole range of medical difficulties. 

As soon as these additional cells become available in the body, it sets about repairing itself and doesn’t need drugs with all their unwanted side effects.

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Great progress is now being achieved using adult stem cells after the great disappointment with embryonic cells.

Stop press. New discoveries have now succeeded in further increasing the stem cells in our blood stream.

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There is a lot a lot of controversy in this area of medical research.