Stem cell

Stem cell research and investigation brings with it great hope for improving our quality of life.

Stem cells are infant cells that can develop and mature into specialised tissues in the body. They are creating a great deal of excitement as they offer hope of repairing organs damaged by disease or even by accident.

The expectation of recovery from life threatening illnesses by the use of drugs alone has failed to materialise. Sure drugs can frequently make us feel more comfortable but unfortunately all they do is hide your underlying problem.

Contrary to popular opinion drugs don’t cure anything. The best they can do is camouflage the underlying cause of your problem by reducing pain and we hope, suffering.

However, in most cases the underlying cause of your problem still exists and will often show up later in some other symptom.

There are numbers of people taking additional drugs to try to counter the side effects of some previous drug they have been or are taking. The mind boggles!. See this article

Some of our greatest health successes in the past have come about from improvement in our food chain and things like improved cleanliness. Problems like scurvy which killed about 2 million British sailors before the problem was solved by the use of vitamin c. The list goes on and on.

Across the world a great new hope has arisen with a big breakthrough in medical information with the discovery of our stem cells and the realisation that these cells are the body’s own natural repair system.

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If we can help our body by assisting it to generate and release its own adult pluripotent cells this will help do away with our dependence on drugs and will have a marked effect on our longevity and give us a healthy future to look forward to.

A big stride has already been taken along this road with the discovery of a patented natural product which has been shown by scientific research to increase the supply of these cells by up to 30%.

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I have personally benefited a great deal by the use of this product and although I shall be 90 next year, the only medical support I am now using is a small dose of thyroid support.

My blood pressure averages around 130/70 and I am in pretty good physical shape as a lot of my physical difficulties have now disappeared.

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To your future health and your increased longevity.

Eddie Mace.