Stem cell technology

Stem cell technology explains amongst other things why when we were kids, we healed much quicker than we do now we are older.

A child gets cut and it heals in about 3 days. We get cut, We put a sticking plaster or bandage on it and wait for our body to heal itself. This can take a week or sometimes more to happen.

Repair of our body is accomplished by our bone marrow providing adult stem cells.

Adult stem cell therapy

When we cut ourselves the body creates a flood of these stem cells which then achieve the healing of the cut.

If it wasn't for these cells, how do you think we would get on?

We just put a bandage on the wound and wait for nature to take it's course. Well we now know that natures repair system was achieved by way of rushing in floods of healing stem cells.

Trouble arises as we get older. The available stem cells from our bone marrow for body repair, is heavily diminished.

This difficulty not only applies to cuts or physical damage, but also applies to all sorts and types of illnesses. The bone marrow endeavours to provide stem cells to strengthen and overcome whatever is ailing us.

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We think that if we take some sort of medicine, that it will fix it. The truth is, the body alone can fix itself and all the medicine does is sometimes assist our body to carry out the healing or more frequently unfortunately,it just hides the symptoms.

Drugs don't fix anything!, they can some times provide assistance; unfortunately this often associated with unwanted side effects. YOUR BODY HAS TO DO IT!.

By the way, your symptoms are your body telling you something is wrong and all the drugs generally do, is hide this important message.

All drugs also have side effects which can result in putting us under further stress. You may not be aware of the side effects but I can assure you they are still there.

All drugs are poisonous!. If you doubt this, go look up the meaning of the rating "LD 50". IF THEY AREN'T POISONOUS THEY CAN'T BE REGISTERED AS A DRUG.

One of the most important things you can do is help your body provide the necessary stem cells it needs.

The Stem cell miracles site together with this page is intended to help you understand the great progress Stem cell technology is now achieving.

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