Benefits of stem cell research.

Benefits of stem cell research is now at last starting to produce some real beneficial results which we can all share.

What is not generally realised is that the bulk of this research is being performed by scientists, not by medical doctors.

The general belief held by most of us is that any health care achievements must be the work of medical doctors. We don't have to be a medical doctor to called by the title of doctor.

These researchers are seldom medical doctors and some of our greatest medical discoveries are not the work of medical doctors.

These people are often often scientists and often PHD’s. They are entitled to be called doctors, but medicine is often not their area of expertise. For instance Christian Drapeau MSc, is a scientist and is responsible for a major breakthrough in medical knowledge in the area of stem cells.

Here on our left is this highly successful scientist, Christian Drapeau. There have been suggestions he may be nominated for a Nobel prize.

This scientist has made an important discovery regarding regenerative medicine and the theory of stem cell renewal. This has led to the production of a stem cell enhancer which from my own experience is having a pronounced beneficial effect on my own health and the health of many many others.

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This science news discovery does not involve embryonic stem cells and consists of a natural biotechnology product which supports our own body's stem cells.

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